Recommended pools for the garden

Best above ground pools for the garden

One of the best ways to beat the heat and unleash some summer fun is with your own backyard pool. More and more people are opting for their own pool in their own garden. Your own pool no longer has to remain a dream. Thanks to the increasing demand (and resulting competition) over the last few years, above ground pools have never been cheaper. With this overview we will help you to find a suitable model.

There are many different types of above ground pools on the market. Some are saltwater ready, some are steel backed and still others come with all the cleaning and maintenance items you need to take care of them. In this article we present some pool models that are among the bestsellers. We have intentionally focused only on the best garden pools, which have been rated the best on Amazon.

Aufstellpools fuer den Garten Empfehlungen

Bestway Deluxe Splash Pool

Bestway is a big name in garden pools. Built for kids and adults alike, the Deluxe Splash is an affordable rectangular above ground pool that’s also built to last.

The pool walls are made from a proprietary material called TriTech, which is two layers of PVC nylon encasing a polyester mesh. This type of material is exceptionally strong and tear-resistant.

The steel frame is specially coated to prevent rust and corrosion. A thick PVC band surrounds the pool for added stability while you splash around in the water. Above all, the low price makes the pool a bestseller.

Intex Rectangular Frame Pool

The Intex Rectangular Frame Pool is the bestseller on Amazon and a price tip. You can get the above ground pool for just 99 euros. With its 300 x 200 x 75 cm, it is not the largest outdoor pool, but it is ideal for swimming. Intex is a world-renowned brand that is convincing with good quality. If you look at the price-performance ratio, you definitely won’t go wrong with this purchase. Personally, we recommend the Intex Rectangular Frame Pool to anyone looking for a cheap small pool. The pool is also available in a set with a pool pump. If you don’t already have one, take it with you, as it is absolutely necessary.

Intex Ultra XTR rectangular above ground pool

The Ultra XTR is a perfect example that quality pools don’t have to be expensive that most families can afford. The Ultra XTR features integrated hydro-aeration to filter and circulate pool water (while keeping it clean).

The Intex Ultra XTR is a complete pool set including Intex’s Krsystal Clear Sand Filter Pump. The set comes with a detachable pool ladder, a mat that can be placed under the pool and even a pool cover to keep debris out of the water between swims.

Bestway Steel Pro MAX Frame Pool-Set

The Bestway Steel Pro MAX Frame Pool Set is ideal for those looking for a large round garden pool. This has a diameter of 366 cm and a depth of 76 cm. Considering the quality of Bestway, as well as the price, you get a good deal.

The scope of delivery includes a pool pump, which can transport 1,429 l/h. The pump isn’t exactly powerful, but it’s perfectly adequate for this size of pool. If you buy a pool vacuum, however, you must consider the performance of the pool pump.


Haven’t you found a suitable above-ground pool for the garden yet? You can find more models and recommendations at (German). Pools in different categories are presented in detail there.

Please leave us a comment about which above ground pool you have chosen and what your experience was.

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