Electric bike 45 km/h

E bike up to 45 km/h guide

There are now many e-bikes on the market, so the purchase decision can sometimes be difficult. But most e-bikes have one thing in common, they are locked at 25 km/h. The law in Germany does not allow the E Bikes to go faster. It would be theoretically possible though. But there are also e-bikes that can drive up to 45 km/h in a legal way. These are called S-Pedelecs. In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about them.

45 km/h e-bikes guide

A conventional e-bike is also called an e-bike 25. This is because it is locked at 25 km/h. If an e-bike drives faster, it is no longer an e-bike but an S-Pedelec. This vehicle is also no longer regarded as a bicycle but as a moped. For this reason there are also a few things to consider. Not everyone is allowed to simply ride a 45 km/h e-bike. Templates apply.

Moped driving license for S-Pedelecs guide

As already mentioned, a 45 km/h e-bike is a moped. A driver’s license is required to drive one of these. Due to the high motor power and the resulting speed, the legislator requires a class AM driver’s license for S-Pedelecs and a helmet obligation as with motorcycles. If you are not in possession of this, you face a high fine and a complaint.

You can find out more about driving licenses in our e-bike driving license guide.

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Helmets are compulsory for S-Pedelecs

Since October 1, 1985, helmets have been compulsory for all moped drivers. However, it is important to pay close attention to the vehicle class. Lightweight mopeds and e-bikes do not require a helmet. Mopeds, electric scooters, motor scooters: Section 21a, paragraph 2 of the Road Traffic Regulations makes it compulsory to wear a helmet, even for these more powerful vehicle classes. S-Pedelecs may be a bit confusing for many, as they do not look any different from conventional pedelecs (e-bikes). However, these also fall under this category, which is why you must wear a motorcycle-approved helmet. If you want to be on the safe side, you should look out for those with ECE-R-22.05 certification.

S-Pedelec registration & insurance

In order for an S-Pedelec to be able to drive on German roads, it needs a permit. Motor vehicle liability insurance is also required. Liability insurance for an S-Pedelec costs EUR 24.70 (riders over 23) or EUR 37.40 (riders under 23). The partially comprehensive S-Pedelec insurance is slightly higher. The annual contribution for the partially comprehensive insurance is 49.70 euros (drivers over 23) or 64.00 euros (drivers under 23). However, the prices can differ somewhat depending on the provider.

You can find more information in our pedelec insurance comparison.

E-bike 45 km/h bans

Even if it is a very nice idea with the S-Pedelecs, there are some disadvantages that you should also be aware of. Probably the biggest disadvantage is that you can only use them to drive on the street, so cycle paths are taboo. This is particularly annoying and also a pity in some respects, since there are many beautiful cycle paths. However, riding an S-Pedelec on these is prohibited.

You should also be aware that taking an S-Pedelec with you on public transport is prohibited. If you run out of battery on the way, you have to push the bike, charge it if possible, or pick it up by car. The whole thing can become a little torture. So plan your journey home in good time before you get stranded.

e Bike im Auto transportieren

Recommended 45 km/h e-bikes

There are many so-called S-Pedelecs. Listing all the good ones here would simply go beyond the scope of this article. The budget also plays a major role, because these are not cheap. If you want a high-quality S-Pedelec, the prices can go up to 9,000 euros. Enclosed you will find an overview of some very good S-Pedelecs.

  • Stromer ST3
  • Giant Quick-E+ 45
  • Riese & Müller Supercharger2 GT rohloff HS
  • M1 Spitzing Evolution S-Pedelec
  • Haibike SDURO Trekking S 8.0
  • Diamant Zouma Supreme+ S
  • Specialized Turbo Vado 6.0

Note: This article does not constitute legal advice. Although the article has been carefully researched, the statements are in no way legally binding. If in doubt, always consult a lawyer before using an e-skateboard.

Have you decided to buy a 45 kmh e-bike? Which one did you choose and what was your experience? Please leave us a comment.

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